Valor Med Bleeding Control Station (LARGE) includes:


  • 8 SAM XT® Tourniquets
  • 8 SAM® Chest Seals
  • 4 Compressed Gauze (Standard)
  • 2 CHITOSAM® Gauze packs (Optional for $60.00 upcharge)
  • 2 Compression Bandages
  • 5 Patient Treatment Cards
  • 1 How To Apply Instructional Card
  • 2 Permanent Markers
  • 4 Space Blankets
  • 1 Trauma Shear
  • 4 Gloves (pair)
  • 1 POWTI Medical Alerting Device ( Real Time GPS of the Kit) (Alerts 911 Closest Call Center) $200 Up charge.
  • 1 Carrying case
  • 1 Installation Kit




Valor Med Bleeding Control Station LARGE

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  • Our Valor-Med Bleeding Control Station is packed with the world’s best approved products. With our VM BCS nearby in an emergency situation we guarantee it will give you the help you need fast and with efficiency. Our product is trusted country wide, civilian and military. 


    DISCLAIMER: All Prices and Items are subject to change due to competitive prices and needs of the consumers. 


    Kit is sold for $700.00 USD without the EAD.


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